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General information

A safe and responsible extraction of geothermal energy, for both people and the environment, is of the highest priority for DAGO. Our sector is relatively new in the Netherlands and we are developing rapidly. And so, with our industry standards and code of conduct, we focus on the further development of our safe and responsible way of working.

We exchange a lot of knowledge and experience: with our members, with other sectors (other forms of mining and sustainable energy production) and internationally. At the same time, DAGO is in direct contact with the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the competent authority and SodM as the overseer, to develop national policy frameworks together and to strive for a continuous improvement of our operations.

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Code of Conduct

DAGO has developed a Code of Conduct Regional Involvement in Geothermal Energy Projects. The key factor of this code is that the region has to be involved in geothermal energy projects as early as possible. Operators want to be good neighbours in the areas in which they extract geothermal energy. The aim of this code of conduct is to have clear-cut agreements on the involvement of the region in new geothermal energy projects.

To this end, DAGO and its members are currently working on good, clear and comprehensible information and on a good relationship with the neighbourhood by working together with and in the area to ensure a good local integration of the projects. For this, tailor-made solutions are crucial because every area is different. And so, operators also appoint a contact person for every project.

The code of conduct binds the members of DAGO to a set of basic principles on participation and communication. This way, the geothermal energy sector can further develop itself and contribute to the future of the sustainable heat supply in the Netherlands. On the 28th of november 2019, the first copy of the code of conduct has been handed over to Annie van der Pas.

The code of conduct is available via this link

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Industry standards

Within DAGO, industry standards are being developed. The aim of a standard in this industry is to offer a guideline to users on systems and processes during the exploration and/or the extraction of geothermal energy. By setting a certain degree of quality and by defining the relevant topics of that standard, a contribution is made to a safe and responsible development of geothermal energy. The industry standards have to be able to develop alongside the sector.

DAGO has developed safety, health and environmental care systems (VGM care systems) for geothermal energy. These were developed as part of the         management of the safety, health and environmental risks during the lifecycle of a geothermal energy project. Besides developing these systems, attention was paid to the establishment of generic guidelines for planned and unplanned maintenance work. A lot of attention is also being paid to the involvement of the region during the difference phases of the project.